"Focus" mural dedicated to Midsummer Arts Faire founder Pat Surface!


Quincy Mayor Kyle A. Moore, Pat Surface family members, Midsummer Arts Faire team members incl. Maggie Strong, Kelly Langston, Travis Brown and Jen Teeter were all there. Star mural artist Jennifer Bock-Nelson, her assistants Jacqueline Kaufman Wood, Amber Nicole Smith, MAF sponsors, and many others, were present at this ceremony. The location of the 5,000 square foot mural is 115 N. Fourth Street, Quincy, Illinois (between Hampshire and Maine).

This clip was filmed on Friday, June 28, 2013, by Tracey Pat Surface "The Point and Shootist". This was the 10 year anniversary of the Midsummer Arts Faire and my mom, Pat Surface, is the Midsummer Arts Faire founder. We are so proud of her and were thrilled to be present at several events where she was honored.
The Midsummer Arts Faire takes place in Washington Park which is located in the Historic Quincy Business District on four acres on 5th Street between Maine and Hampshire Streets.

Congratulations to the MAF team, the artists and musicians – there is nothing like ART and LIVE MUSIC in the park, what a wonderful event!
http://thepoint-n-shootist.com/picture_perfect/2013/06/midsummer-arts-faire-founder-pat-surface-honored-june-28-2013/  , has more.


More about artist JENNIFER BOCK-NELSON:

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